We welcome you to our FAQ forum, where you can find all necessary answers to often asking questions. 
If you have any more questions, please send them to us and we will do our best to answer you. 

1) How can I join SURE Cosmetics as a Brand Ambassador?
To enroll in this ground floor opportunity just (Click Here )

2) How do I join?
First Step – Application and sponsor information;
You will need a sponsor to join SURE Cosmetics Club. A sponsor is a person who will help you start your venture with our company– a mentor that will lead you through step by step processes, teaching you how to become successful with our business model. People who don't know anyone in SURE network may still sign up with us, except you will need to use our “Ambassador Search Tool” that will help you find someone close to your location. (Click Here )
You may also send us an email to consultantsservices@surecosmetics.com, we can try to assist you in the process and recommend someone for you, but ultimately it is your decision who you will choose. Please keep in mind; it is a good idea to talk with your sponsor prior to the registration, once you choose one and join the company there is a very strict policy which does not allowchanging a sponsor to a different one.
Second Step - Purchase the starter kit or choose to become a Preferred Customer.
Becoming a “PC” entitles you to purchase SURE Cosmetics products at a discount and earns you Loyalty Reward points to be redeemed with future products purchases. However, you will not have the rights to sponsor potential members or to resell any of our products.You may upgrade your membership level, at any time, to become a Brand Ambassador.
3) ) What does the starter kit include?
The SURE Cosmetics starter kit contains everything you need to start this venture.
  • A handsome leather-like zipper case contains approximately 50+ 2ml samples of all our fragrances
    • 2 full size fragrance products of your choice (1 classic & 1 Luxury)
    • Our full color catalog with descriptions of all our fragrances
    • 10 FM Opportunity Brochures to help you sponsor new FM members
    • Paper Strips
    • Online back office and training materials
Please note that we may also occasionally add some other promotional materials to our kits but are not considered to be stock items.
4) Does a Sponsor receive any compensation for the purchase of a Starter Kit by a new Representative?
No, the sponsor does not earn any bonus or compensation from the purchase of a Starter Kit. The Starter Kit is used as a working tool in helping Brand Ambassadors build their business without having to carry any inventory and with minimal investment.
The Starter Kit is used by Brand Ambassadors and their customers for sampling fragrances before making a purchase. We take all legal matters very seriously!
Please report any suspicious activity to compliance@surecosmetics.com
5) What if I forget my login ID and/or password?
You may go on the Home Page of the SURE Cosmetics website and click on the Forgot User Name or Password tab, then insert your email address; we will automatically email you correct login information.

6) I am a Brand Ambassador or Preferred Customer (PC), how do I order?
First, login to your SURE Cosmetics back office.
Then click on the Shop tab, select your products and proceed to checkout!
DO NOT palace orders without signing in. If you do you will not be able to receive your discounts.

7) Can I place and pick up my order in person?
No. We use third party fulfillment houses. All orders must be placed online at this moment.

8) Do I have to log in to place the order?
It depends on the type of order you are placing, please refer to the training manuals or contact your sponsor for more details.
9) What is the procedure for shipping the products?
-After payment is processed we process the shipping next business day.
  **except weekends and national holidays**
-If you have paid for your order and the parcel has been shipped but you haven't received it within 7 working days, please send us an orders@surecosmetics.com

10) What should I do if my client is not satisfied with the fragrance? Is there a return policy?
With only a few exceptions, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.To read the full return policy please Click Here

11) What to do if the product is damaged?
Please inform us immediately about your damage product via email. (orders@surecosmetics.com)
Also provide us with your order details and description of what happened to your products/parcel.
As soon as we get to the bottom of the matter, we will send you a replacement for the damaged product.
(Usually 3-4 business days)
Please note that all orders are final.
NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES will be available other than for damaged goods.

12) Will the company have new products like make up, home products, etc.?
Yes, we will increase our product range.
You will be informed about all new products coming in our newsletter, leaflets, and on our website.

13) What are the payment methods?
Brand Ambassadors can pay for their orders by: Credit Card, Debit Card, or via Pay Pal.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

When you (an Ambassador) sell a SURE product, you collect a payment from your customer. The selling price (retail price) should include the price of the product, plus Shipping & Handling. Your customer can pay you with cash, check, or credit card. If customer pays you with cash or check, you keep your profit and submit the balance to SURE by placing an order on YOUR own ACCOUNT. Just specify where you want it to be shipped; we can ship it to you or your customers as well.

If Customer pays you with a credit card then you help them submit the order using their credit card through yourpersonalized website, and we remit your retail profit to you with your monthly commission once it reaches its minimum payout balance. Please get in touch with your sponsor to fully understandthose methods to avoid mistakes and potential loss of retail income. It is crucial to your success!

14) Do I have to pay tax on my commission?
Every Brand Ambassador is responsible for their own income tax on their earnings.
Please consult it with your accountant, SURE employees cannot provide any legal advice.

15) What is the commission payment rule?
The commission payment rules are as follows:
1. Commission to Brand Ambassadors can be paid in any country where there is an existing SURE Cosmetics branch. Brand Ambassadors residing in United States who wish to receive their commission in the form of a direct deposit must submit IRS W9 form for tax purposes. To obtain this form from IRS, please Click HERE. If you do not provide us with this form we will be required to withhold from your commission earnings based on the IRS current year rate (approximately 30-33%) All founds will be returned to the IRS on your behalf.
Signed W9 form may be email to: consultantsservices@surecosmetics.com
or mailed to:
SURE Cosmetics
Attn: Ambassador Services
203 N. LaSalle St. Suite 2100
Chicago, IL 60601

Please provide your SURE ID# on top of the form.

2. For Brand Ambassadors who do not have a bank account, your commission may be paid to you as a rebate on purchases. The given rebate is the exact amount of earned commission, and may cover up to 100% of the value of any order. Points for products purchased using your rebate are calculated as normal.

3. The minimum commission transferred to your bank account is $50.00 USD.
Your commission up to the minimum amount ($50.00 USD) will be accumulating every month until your transfer minimum is met. Commission is paid between 15th and 20th of each month.
We must have your PayPal information or your full bank account details in order for us to be able to send Direct Deposits. You may update this information on your back office portal.
Any fees charged by your financial institution (paypal or your bank) are solely your responsibility.

16) What if I am registered in another country?
If you are registered in another country,which is operating as part of our network and want to send products to customers in USA, please login to our USA website and proceed from there. You are also able to sponsor new members in any country where we have existing branch office.

Shipping Questions:

1. How would I go about getting free delivery?
-Free shipping is available on orders with a value of 240 points and more (USA, Hawaii, and Alaska only). 

-Group Orders: You may also combine your shipment with other members to earn free shipping, through our Group Orders option. 

2. What are the shipping Costs?

$0 - $49.99 $7.95
$50.00 - $99.99 $9.95
$100 - $149 $12.95
$150+ FREE (USA ONLY including Hawaii and Alaska)

3. UPS Ground Time-in-Transit Map 
UPS Ground Time-in-Transit Map - download file

Please note that because of the nature of some of our products not all deliveries will be made by UPS. Deliveries outside of the continental 48 states but U.S. Territories may be fulfilled by other carriers. We DO NOT deliver to APOs or PO BOXes.